I’m one of those people who, without trying or conscious thought, spots  errors in print immediately. My eyes are instantly drawn to mistakes; they’re like tiny flares, glaring at me, taunting.

I love —  live! — to read, and to write. So when choosing a profession, going into copy editing/proofreading was a no-brainer.

After receiving my BA in English, I started as an editorial assistant/proofreader at a small publishing company, then became a copy editor there. Switching to a bigger company, I worked as a copy editor for Bookspan (on Long Island, NY) until choosing to stay home to raise my children. Those two delicious boys are in school all day now, and I have time to go back to doing what I do well, and genuinely enjoy — copy editing and proofreading. I’ve been doing it on a freelance basis, while my kids were still home with me. Now, I’m ready and able to take on more work.

I only do copy editing and proofreading, not content editing. As voracious a reader as I am, I’m still not comfortable making suggestions on how to improve/change content, especially in genres with which I’m not familiar. So that service, I do not offer.

Simply: if you want your work to be cleaner and error free? I’m your gal.

Interested? Oh great! Please contact me any time…

By email: jennifer@spellcheck70.com

On Twitter: DM me at @JGCopyEditing OR at @jennifergracen 

I look forward to working with you.

Jennifer Gracen